The Wishlist of Mark Killian
Last Updated 12/2/2018

Mark Killian’s Wish list 2018



Bike handle bars curved 

            With the grip tape



Board game Betrayal at the House on the Hillthe expasion



·Cash ($, £, €, gold/silver coins)


slacks or other nice long pants (Dockers 38 X 29 or 36 X 29, flat front, black, blue, or khaki)



Land's End large, tall shirts(both collared and non collared)


Socks black men that reach to my knees


Tie Clip


New phone Case for Samsung J3


D&D Dungeon Master's Handbook 5th edition


D&D Monster Manual 5th edition


D&D Xanthar's guide to everything


Exotic Animals pelts

Sea Otter






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